In Canada some sixty thousand workers get injured annually due to fall accidents.


At ICON we care about our employees, their families and their safety.  For those reasons we choose our equipment carefully and Peri Rossette Flex Scaffold is our number one system of choice.


We can help with your

Industrial and Commercial

Scaffold needs

Some features of the Peri system that we were drawn to, include but are not limited to:


•It is a 100% modular system which eliminates beaver damming, that in turn eliminates tripping hazards.


•The system components are lighter making it easier on manpower and that alleviates possible stress injuries and fatigue.


•The toe boards lock into place to prevent lateral movement, and are reusable.


•Ledgers that once in place, lock automatically reducing the risk of injury.

•The decking also locks into place therefore a toe board is not needed to hold down decking.


•Due to the components design, the Peri system uses fewer components than other scaffold brands and wood products are not required.


ICON uses the Peri system for majority of our projects, however a tube and clamp or ring scaffold system can be utilized in certain circumstances.

- Construction Management - Turnkey Operations

- Time /Cost Sensitive Project Management

- Architecture, Engineering and Interior Design

- General Contractor Services

- Engineered Warehouse, Retail & Office Space

- Mechanical Equipment Installation

- Tank Demolition and Erection


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